Let us build your grow


Fully Sealed High-Quality Facilities

There is a huge gap between the demand for quality facilities and the supply, and G Industries wants to fill that void


Vendor / Project Management

We offer professional project management services for your build. With years of experience in the industry, we are here to provide you a one stop shop service, managing your project from start to finish


We're impassioned to accelerate your growth

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    Moral Philosophy

    We believe that honesty is the best policy, and that integrity, responsibility, and quality are more just catch phrases. These are the values that guide us day in and day out and have driven our success

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    With years of observing what not to do in this industry, we understand that having a dependable asset to lean upon is vital to your growth. We believe that consistency is key to building trust with our customers, partners and colleagues

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    The cannabis industry can be likened to the Wild West and requires flexibility. We believe that being flexible not only improves overall results, but also engagement, recruitment, retention, work-life balance, productivity and preparedness

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    We are committed to creating an exceptional workforce and successful company. We are a professional workforce that values personal development, professional growth and accountability

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    Creativity is part of our DNA. It’s what makes us tick and is embodied at every level of our company

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    We believe in the power of working together and creating the best results possible

From full turnkey facilities to single room grows, G Industries works with you every step of the way.

A brief listing of services:

  • Project Management
  • Environmental Installation
  • Equipment Data / Submittal sheets for permitting
  • Outdoor mechanical equipment locations & placement
  • Heat Recovery Options
  • Energy Efficiency Overview